Friday, May 06, 2005

Hello People!

Dear friends,

It's been quite some time since I last penned down a few sentences to update everyone of what's in store. It's been rather hectic lately, what with researching more and more informative and fun topics to share with you guys, and also our tight shooting schedule. Nevertheless, a promise is a promise, so I shall share with you some information about what's coming up soon.

As you can see, our approach to designing episodes is quite thorough, whereby some may think that certain episodes may not be of their concern at all, but if they were to look deeper, they would find that either it would be a learning experience preparing them for their future, or either as a way to reminisce about younger days. A broad and open mind is required when watching our show, so as to see subtle messages.

Last week,on April 30th, we aired our episode "The Single Life". It was an episode designed to portray why more and more women are choosing to remain single, or even have to resort to a life alone due to circumstances. What we found out on the show was that it was mostly due to the fact that independency played a key role in most women's life, and they generally believe that by being attached, somehow or another their independency shall be usurped! Further discussions also pointed out factors such as pursuance of career, financial freedom, fear of pregnancy and birthing, and so much more!

Want a sneak preview of what this week's episode is all about? I thought so! Well, this coming Sunday, May 8th, is of course Mother's Day. And what better opportunity than that to create a special episode dedicated to all mothers. But there's a slight twist here, so to find out more, be sure to catch FEMME, Saturday, 1.30 p.m.

More to come for the month of May :

Noble Nurturers - A tribute to all educators, in conjunction with Teacher's Day!

Intrepid Interfacing - Showcasing how women have made IT a substantial part of their lives.

Know Your Rights! - Our most informative episode yet, women should tune in to find out where they stand on matters of concern under law.

So, there you have it, friends. Hope you've enjoyed what we've lined up for you so far! To come, be prepared to be surprised.... ;)

We always value comments, suggestions and feedback from you guys out there. Just post it here on the blogspot, or alternatively, e-mail myself at refrain from sending your post to, as security on that site has been compromised. We shall try our very best to act upon each and every mail we get from you, our revered friends and viewers. I appreciate bluntness, so please don't go through all that trouble to sugarcoat any of your thoughts parlayed to me!

'Til next time, hope to meet you guys again on-line, and keep yourself posted to this blog!

On another note, ARMedia wishes to extend our warmest welcome to three new associates and members to our fold, namely Melissa Abu Bakar, Esstelle Jane Chong and Carol Wu! Be sure to watch their appearance from time to time on FEMME, only at TV1, your infotainment channel!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dear readers/viewers,

It's been pretty hectic lately, what with shooting and researching, to bring you the best of things to see and savour. Thus, this may be late in coming, but it's better late than never I believe!

Anyways, this week's episode is all about women in the world of automobiles, aptly named Pedal To The Metal. We had the pleasure of having Pn. Uzrita Udanis, a proprietor of of an EON dealership and garage, Ms Aishah Ahmad, the president of the Malaysian Automotive Association, and last but never the least, KIKI, our broadcaster extraordinaire, who's also a paramount name in the world of Malaysian motorsport.

Pn Uzrita and Kiki was kind enough to come and meet us up at The Bakery in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, for a spot of coffee and cakes. Over coffee, they related their experiences, and what they had to go through to establish themselves within such a male-dominated field.

For Pn. Uzrita, or Rita to her friends, the choice to enter into the automotive scene was largely due to the fact that her family has been in the business for a substantial amount of time, since her father set up their first automotive venture, with their own car dealership. Rita has been entrusted by her parents and siblings to manage their business, as she has displayed her adaptness and ability to do so successfully. Clients generally are surprised when they find out that the proprietor of the dealership and garage they frequent is actually a woman! Nonetheless, Rita has allayed any fears or doubts within her clients with her own methods of client relations and service excellence. With the constant support of her beloved husband and 5 kids, Rita stands out as one of the prominent roses among the thorns!

Nurul Alis Aidil Akhbar, or Kiki (as she is known among those close to her), on the other hand, has been keeping a very low profile in the motorsport scene. Suffice to say, those in the know have acknowledged her abilities and perseverance time and time again. Debuting in go-karting for what seemed like ages ago (believe me, you'd be surprised to see a mother of 3 looking as great as her!), Kiki is now actively involved in the art of DRIFT, a relatively new motorsport on our shores, of which has had tremendous followings from Japan (where it originated from) to USA! Kiki has been known to put some guys to shame with her skills on the track, but she has always been a good sport and a friend to all when she's racing. Although busy with her career as a broadcaster, she manages to spend quality time with her family, especially her beloved husband, Adyan, who she shares the passion for motorsport with. We look forward to watching her progress on the track in DRIFT!

Ms Aishah was unable to come for coffee on that day, as she had prior engagements to attend to. However, she graciously had us over at her MAA office, to let us have a glimpse of a typical day at work for herself, and also to share her vast experience in the automotive scene. Many might not know, that this formidable lady was one of the first women to venture into such a testosterone-filled industry, and believe it or not, she started her career selling lorries! Now, she is at the pinnacle of her career, and she has only this to say..."Where there's a will, there's a way!". She is adamant that, though the industry may be a little bit gender-biased (due to the fact that people generally think of the auto industry as a dirty and tough environment), a woman who has determination and perseverance, coupled with interest, could make it big by asserting her presence diligently!

Well, that's all for now, I shall stop here lest I start telling all of you too much! Be sure to watch FEMME, every Saturday, 1.30 p.m, only on TV1!

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hello Again!

Greetings to everyone, from all of us here at FEMME! We had our debut episode out yesterday, April 9th, 2005, and to those of you who texted me on my mobile, or dropped comments at my e-mails, thank you!!! Your suggestions and comments are kindly noted, and would be put to good use.

For our first episode, DEMOTED, it is an honour to have had the three women featured, namely Wai Leng, Swee Bin and Adeline, who shared with us their personal experiences regarding the topic. While the manner the interview was conducted was somewhat casual, we did not run from the context of parlaying facts, and facts we got!!! Our guests were very precise and articulate with their thoughts, and their passion for the topic clearly shone through.

Well, as I promised, today, we would bring you a review of an episode soon to be shown on our programme, FEMME! We proudly call this episode "Weight-Watching", and as the title suggests, it's all about knowing how you can watch your weight the right way, and not go through diet-fads which can only give you short-term results, without the long-term effects!

We had Miss Sophia Wong, the Manager of the Dietatics Department from Subang Jaya Medical Centre as a guest on the show, while at the same time,two of our friends came as well to ask Sophia interesting questions with regards to proper dieting particularly suited for themselves. Lisa Wong gracefully honoured the programme with her hosting talents, and made each and everyone on the shoot warmed themselves to her with her professionalism plus her friendly personality.

As we went along with the shooting, our friends had the chance to lay out their queries regarding the proper diets they should be on. Sophia explained to them that dieting is all about knowing the right types of food to partake of, while at the same time, understanding that proper exercise played a key role as well, in fact as much as proper eating! Sophia went on to personalize a proper eating habit schedule for the two girls featured (mind you, if we were to get this advice elsewhere, it would have cost a bomb! Thanks to SJMC for their kind and considerate support). The girls got to ask their questions face-to-face with the best person to tackle such matters, and by the end of the day, the girls found the resolution to stick to the advice, in order to get the results they have wanted to achieve all this while!

In short, proper dieting takes a lot of patience and perseverance. It's not only about watching your food intake, it's also about taking good care of your health, TOTAL WELL-BEING! We Malaysians have to face reality and chuck our inhibitions away, especially when it boils down to matters such as this. Do not be afraid, in fact venture out in order to find the things we are searching for, for without effort, we shall not be able to attain any results!

I shan't say too much about the whole episode, lest you guys would get it figured out too soon! Catch the episode on FEMME, and you'll get to see what it's all about. At the end of the day, FEMME is all about women, What Women Need, What Women Want, EMPOWERMENT AND INDEPENDENCY! That's all for now, be sure to put FEMME on your list of things to watch each and every Saturday, 1.30 p.m, exclusively on TV1, your infotainment channel!
- Adit Rahim -

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Saturday, April 02, 2005


As promised, here's our first synopsis for one of the episodes that we have produced, and will be on air very soon within the month of April. We were kindly assisted by three remarkable ladies from a group called Family Place ( you can visit their website at, and we are proud to be associated with them. Wai Leng, Adeline and Swee Bin, we are ever so grateful!

Ard's opening of the show

Well, back to the synopsis. Demoted? What would you, the viewers, have in mind upon hearing such a word? Demoted? was written and produced with one specific topic in mind, being women who turn their backs on the beckonings of the rat-race to pursue a more rewarding life at home, with their family! Some may say that these women are simply putting to waste their talent, experience and qualifications. However, our guests defied all such thoughts, by proving to themselves and their family foremost, that their decision was the right one indeed.

Wai Leng

Take for example, Wai Leng. With a background of a colourful education and career in music, she simply decided that starting a family and raising her children herself, was more fulfilling than pursuing her career. Although departing from a dual-income lifestyle may be a bit of a challenge initially, with her husband's full support and understanding, Wai Leng has managed to make do really well with the resources left available for the family. Her three children are a testament to their parents love, care and devotion, and Wai Leng has ensured that her children would benefit from a well-rounded upbringing, infusing education per se with music lessons on the violin and piano. Looking back at her past, there has never been a moment of regret for Wai Leng with regards to the decision she has made!


On the other hand, Adeline was immersed in the corporate culture for a substantial number of years, working herself up to a senior managerial level. She sat down one day and realized that her daughter's formative years were spent with Adeline constantly being too busy to be a prominent part of the picture. On top of that, her infant son was rapidly growing into a young boy, craving for the attention of his mother most while he headed towards pre-school for the first time. Without hesitating, she consulted her husband, and he gave her his blessing to leave her job and embrace her family full time. Her children are now craving no more, as they now have all the attention a mother could give them, and so much more!

Swee Bin

Swee Bin however did not come to her final decision as simply as her two friends. Being in a rewarding career destined for greater responsibilities and opportunities, she felt reluctant initially to even think of leaving her job. She was dramatically torn between choosing her family over the promising path up ahead in her career. What made her decide finally, was the fact that she saw that her children could not garner enough attention from such busy parents, and were becoming somewhat distant. Today, she enthusiastically joins her children's activities and makes herself ever accessible for them, when they need her most. She and her children can now share their passion for reading, and its a sight to behold when you get to see them sharing and reading a book together passionately!

The ladies can now adamantly stand by their decision, and in actual fact, have even managed to help other friends who went through similar decisions but are not coping too well with the sudden change in their lifestyle. So, for those who may be facing difficulties coming to terms with their decision to leave their career for their family, why don't you drop Wai Leng, Adeline and Swee Bin a line or two at their website mentioned above. We're sure that they would definitely be of great help and assistance!

Image hosted by

FEMME - On Location

We had great fun on the set, as the mood was extra jovial and friendly, with the ladies and Ard warming and opening up to each other oh so casually, and the kids were as ever so cute and on their best behaviour. The shoot was extremely fluid, what with the flow of conversation moving along as natural as it can possibly be, to the extent of Ard not having to rely on the script most of the times! The Bakery was kind enough to be our anchor sponsor for the episode, and they provided all of us with a multitude of pastries, cakes and beverages that were so lovely, everyone left with a smile on their face (and some of our tummys were growling in delight!

FEMME - Behind the scenes!

All in all, it was a great day for all of us, the mums had fun, the kids occupied themselves so wonderfully and our crew managed to wrap the shoot well ahead of schedule. Our deepest gratitude goes to Wai Leng (and her kids Amrita, Samanta & Lil' Arian), Swee Bin (and her kids Jian Eu & Jian Lin) , Adeline (and her kids Sarah & Daryl), the crew of FEMME, The Bakery (and all its staff!). Our sincere thanks go out also to The Curve, Mutiara Damansara (Ms Natasha). THAT'S A WRAP!

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The look of FEMME!

Hi, people. I'm bogged down with work, but I shall try my very best to keep all of U updated. Thank you for your support!

Our Montage!

As we proceed with the production of other episodes, you will get to see here, the development of the programme through its stages, either by way of photos, or words.We sincerely hope that any comments or post could be forwarded to us by you, our viewers and friends, so that we can ensure that the quality of the programme will not be compromised.So, remember, post your comments, and enjoy the show!

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Stay connected!

Dear people,

Soon enough you will be able to read a synopsis of each and every episode we have covered, and also would be covering. I sincerely hope that all of you could drop some comments, if U have any, or enquiries, should it arise. Stay tuned, and hope we'll be able to keep U entertained, interested and captivated!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Coming Soon!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Adit Rahim, and currently, I'm involved in creating a whole new weekly TV programme from RTM (TV1) called FEMME which would be ON AIR starting April 9th, 2005. What is FEMME all about? First and foremost, it's a programme about WOMEN, where it's all about WHAT WOMEN NEED & WHAT WOMEN WANT. It's a talkshow, it's a magazine show, it's also a chatshow, where the format of the programme would be informal and realistic, where our guests represent women from all walks of life, of different backgrounds, of separate interests, but with a common goal in share with each other knowledge and information beneficial for all. No matter how differing some people can be, the move to uphold the rights of women would be of our utmost concern, and we are proud to share the same sentiment with each and every person involved with this programme. From the crew behind the scenes at FEMME, to the guests on the show, and last but not least, you out there, as friends of ours, and as viewers!

The penultimate aim of the programme is to create a supportive network where we can exist as a ONE STOP SOLUTION CENTER FOR WOMEN, with the assistance and cooperation of governmental organizations and NGO's, who deal with women matters specifically. Some people may not know of ways on how they can uphold their rights, and they may be shy at the same time, unable to share their problems with the people around them. We truly hope that anyone who might be facing such dire circumstances could contact us at, and we shall direct that person to the specific organization that may be of assistance to them. We guarantee that if you choose to remain anonymous, we would respect your wish by all means.

Though FEMME is targeted at women of all ages, it is our underlying hope that the programme would also start opening up the eyes of men, in the sense of helping them understand the women in their lives better. I sincerely hope we could achieve that, as it would be a testament to my own constant effort to understand the women in my life; from, my mother, to my siblings and all my female friends.

Enough about that, now we get down to the nitty gritty. FEMME would be approaching matters pertaining to women from four different angles. We would like to separate these angles into 4 series : WELL-BEING, REALITY CHECK, PROFILES and TABOO! Within these 4 series, we would endeavour to bring you a multitude of topics regarding women.

The WELL-BEING series consists of matters concerning health, with the emphasis being on medical complications and diseases that affect women generally. The aim of this series is to impart vital information with regards to such medical ailments.

REALITY CHECK, on the other hand, would be covering matters that are part and parcel of daily life, but yet most people choose to maintain a distant approach to it. An example of such a circumstance would be the plight of single women, the reasons behind why women choose to remain single. Matters such as these have substantial impact on society, and we aim to persuade society to be open-minded and sensitive to those women who face such circumstances, rather than remaining stereotypical.

We will be highlighting independent and prominent women, who are leaders and decision-makers within their industry, under the PROFILES series. We would be looking into their aims, aspirations and achievements in their endeavour to make a mark in today's challenging world, especially those women who are in professions normally attributed to men. At the same time, we hope that these highlighted women would become the source of inspiration to all women out there, for those who aspire to be just like them, and also to those who aspire to join particular industries.

TABOO! As the name implies, this series would approach certain provoking and sensitive matters that would normally be left unsaid. We aim to share with you topics people shy away from, but nevertheless have equivocal impacts on society.

Want to find out more? We sincerely hope that you, our friends and viewers ( no difference, really!), would await its debut, and see for yourself what we are all about. We hope that you would be able to share your thoughts and feedback with us in order for us to develop the programme with you in mind!

E-mail us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have any topic of interest pertaining to women that you may want to suggest, we welcome it with open and loving arms. Don't forget everyone, FEMME would commence airing on Saturday, April 9th, 2005 at 1.30 p.m (1330 hours) on your infotainment channel, TV1! Hope to see y'all soon!

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